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I Help Women Allied Health Clinic Owners create sustainable, profitable, and scalable Health Clinics with ease.    

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Want to grow your clinic without hiring or renting more space? 

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Is this you?

I love my practice, and want to grow, but there’s so much to do, and I only have so much time. I don’t know where to focus my energy. 

My clinic has plateaued, and I can't seem to push through the glass ceiling.  My profit margin is sitting below 10%, and I'm constantly working.

I feel stuck.  I worry about taking a holiday, and I'm constantly torn between family and work. I am now needing to make compromises with my family in order for my clinic to stay afloat. 

It’s been hard to find my dream team. It's hard to hire,  and more so to retain practitioners. Poor retention has made it difficult to instill trust in our community. 

As women entrepreneurs, we want to grow passion-centred businesses that are in alignment with our personal goals and values. We want the freedom and flexibility to work on our own terms, and spend guilt-free time nurturing ourselves and our families.

Consider me your strategic consultant, project manager, mentor and confidante. Someone who cares not just about the financial success of your business, but about your physical and mental health, your energy, your family and your goals. 

We go through foundational concepts, meticulous  planning to help you cut through noise and gain laser sharp focus to move the business forward. 

I am there every step of your way to support you and keep you accountable for the outcome you desire.  I protect your vision and boundary, so you can be successful on your own terms. 

All coaching containers include access to Set to Scale Accelerator.

1:1 Business Coaching

Ways to Work with me

It’s not a lack of vision that’s holding you back. It’s that you need an on-demand business partner (that doesn’t take your equity).

I offer Strategy Intensives which you can book whenever you need. These sessions are designed to plan out the most aligned and effective solutions to your problems.  They offer clarity, direction, guidance, audit, and we can work on whatever you need support with. 

Strategy Intensives  

Coaching as you need

100% Tailored to you

The 4 months Group Accelerator program is designed to set the foundations to scale.  There are many creative ways to scale your business, however in all models there are some success pillars that are essential for business growth. 

We evaluate your service ecosystem, put the right systems and people into place, and set your foundations for scale. All steps lead to you working on what matters most. 

This structured program provides easy and actionable tasks for you to build the foundational pillars from scratch, or refine what’s there now, so you can scale & grow with ease.

Set to Scale Accelerator 

Done-For-You Lounge is a high level implementation package to help you complete your projects in half the time. 

This is magical when you are experiencing a rapid shift either in launch or scale phase in your business. 

If you wish to have a temporary business partner to help share your load and execute a specific project, look no further.

Project Lounge

Get out of the messy middle + Scale to 7 fig

DFY: Hire me as your Temp business partner

"Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won't, so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can't."

..there was someone who could step in to give the strategic advice and do the heavy lifting for you. Like an experienced business partner—but one who doesn’t take your equity!

This is the beauty of The Clinic Project. There are various level of support, but ultimately, we can be the strategist, project manager and executor you need to launch or scale your clinic. 

What if....

The pillars of a wildly successful clinic include an unshakable foundation, the right people and the ability to make decisions like a true CEO. 

hello , I'm 


Your Health Business strategist

I have a pure love for entrepreneurship and endless curiosity for growth. As a dance and pelvic health physiotherapist, and a qualified Pilates and Barre instructor, I have been in the industry of health and wellness since I was 16. 

I opened my solo practitioner clinic the year I graduated as a physiotherapist.  Over the years I developed my clinical expertise and business knowledge, and I had a good understanding of business before opening my physio group clinic.

When I took the leap and launched my first clinic in 2018, it became fully booked, and hit 6-figures within 4 months.

In the last 5 years, my clinics had a rapid growth, and we thrived through Covid.  It was not all glamorous, we had our peaks and troughs, but it supported me through two maternity leaves, a few overseas trips, and allowed me to create other businesses along the way.  We are currently hitting 7 figures yearly with a healthy profit margin.  

My business has shifted effortlessly to meet my personal priorities as I venture into motherhood and beyond.  My strategies allow me to multiply my clinics at ease, and to stay in my zone of genius - to mentor other clinicians and leaders. 

Whether you’re ready to finally launch your health clinic, or you’re ready to scale and amplify your impact, I’m here to help you create the fulfilment, financial freedom & flexibility you deserve. 

I'm here to help!

I want to see our industry has an abundance of women health leaders of the highest calibre; women who are curious, ambitious and open minded


I want to raise the standards of healthcare delivery.



I want to bring together a community of like-minded and ambitious women health practitioners, who simply want more.


I care deeply about...

I want to see practitioners create career pathways that align with their life goals and their family plans.

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* Own your brilliance * Step into Leadership * Creative Scaling * Embrace Womanhood *