What if there was someone who could step in to give the strategic advice AND do the heavy lifting for you… like an experienced business partner—but one who doesn’t take your equity! 


Strategy for Allied Health Clinics 

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+ Implementation

Sounds familiar? 
I've been there.

How can I scale my business in a way that creates more time to be with my family?

How can I step out of the operational drag and into a leadership position?

What if someone else could train a practice manager for me to relieve the admin burden?

Could I outsource the development of the systems, processes and training needed to enable expansion? 

It's time to get out of the operational drag, handover the daily management, and begin executing a plan for growth. 

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Coaching & DFY  Packages

If we have the chance to work together, consider me your strategic consultant, project manager, mentor and confidante.  Someone who cares not just about the financial success of your business, but about your physical and mental health, your energy, your family and your goals.

I offer different levels of support to match where you are at. In all packages my goal is to be by your side every step of the way.  

planning workshop

At the start of your client journey, we deep dive into your goals, desires, mindset, and create your tailored business plan and growth plan for your vision.

The business toolkit contains templates, swipe files, web pages, and everything you need to scale your clinics.  The toolkit is such a timesaver and oh so valuable!

Easily digestible education + content designed for busy clinic owners, with a clear roadmap & actionable steps to help you with implementation.

Done-for-you execution

Knowing what to do is one thing, but implementing is another. Let me step in and do the heavy lifting for you so we can fast track your growth.  Get things done!

high-touch support

This is GOLD.  You get personal access to Winnie on Voxer.  Need to bounce an idea off me? Send a Voxer message and I can provide feedback straight away.

Business strategy


Content Hub

PLug & Play Toolkit

Cut through the noise and find creative solutions to your problems.  Of the many strategies that exists, we pick those that align with your personality, bandwidth and values.


What you can expect...


Clarity on your next phase of growth for your business. 



Guilt-free time nurturing yourself and your family.


A clinic that rewards you financially for your expertise and worth.

An aligned business model that gives you more freedom and flexibility.


To be able to inspire and lead while trusting your team will execute your vision.


Organisation and team structure that works for your growth phase.

Done-For-You Task options


CRM Software

  • Set up from scratch specific to your practice, service, products, offerings
  • Integrate with all payment platforms
  • Maximise features of your platform
  • Set up operational automations  

Workflows and Tech

  • Systems Streamline and integration
  • Tech platform audits
  • Streamline and Simplify Procedures 
  • Use tech to increase productivity
  • Build Systems, Operation, Procedures portal 



  • Job descriptions, expectation statements
  • Writing hiring ads
  • Practice Manager/ VA training 
  • Build  training portal 
  • Team workshops A
  • Advanced clinical mentoring


Patient Experience


  • Build Email nurturing funnels
  • Build segmentation for automated targeting
  • Build customised template for newsletters
  • Automated Reputation management


  • Build Lead magnets
  • Build Referral Packages for local referrers
  • Organic Marketing
  • Website and Ads audit



Business Assets

  • Write Patient guidebooks, pamphlets
  • Refine Brand identity, story 
  • Refine Signature Methodology

speed + experience + strategy

Book a business clarity Call

As a female entrepreneur, I want to grow passion-centred businesses that are in alignment with my personal goals and values.

I want the freedom and flexibility to work on my own terms, and spend guilt-free time nurturing myself and my family. 


Need something now?

Project Lounge

Fast Delivery in a week Implementation

  • 2 hours Strategy Intensive for onboarding

  • 16 hours Done-For-You implementation. High level execution to build out exactly what you need.

  • 1 hour Final Consultation and Handover

  • Email support for 4 business day after the week for any additional clarification or feedback

6 months minimum

Business Coaching

Ongoing support

  • 2 hours Strategy Intensive for onboarding

  • Fortnightly 60 mins Coaching Calls

  • Access to Set to Scale Curriculum and Guest expert training, Plug and Play Toolkit

  • Personal Access to Winnie 3 days/ week 

  • Ongoing Content Review and Feedback to allow you to move forward with confidence 

Package Options

I am currently owner of 3 clinics in Sydney.  As Operating Director of the clinics, a treating practitioner, a mentor to industry professionals, and a Mum to 2 babies, I have clear boundaries to where I spend my energy and where I dedicate my time.

I want to inspire you to think big, to step into true leadership, and take charge of your growth. The level of mentorship, implementation, and accountability I offer is unique in the healthcare coaching industry, and something I wish I had at every phase of my own business growth.

Given the nature of personal support included in my coaching, spots are limited and I can only work with a handful of private clients at one time.

If you thrive in a group based coaching program, feel free to check out my Set to Scale Program which is a fantastic alternative to 1:1 services.

Spots are limited. 

Thank you for considering me as your business strategist.

Growth beyond 1:1?

Clinic Diversification Strategy Book

Want to grow your clinic without hiring or renting more space? 

Tired of trading time for money? 
Hoping to boost your income but unsure how?
8 proven strategies to help you scale creatively, and create income streams for your clinic.

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hello , I'm 


Your Health Business strategist

I have a pure love for entrepreneurship and endless curiosity for growth.  As a dance and pelvic health physiotherapist, and a qualified Pilates and Barre instructor, I have been in the industry of health and wellness since I was 16. 

I opened my solo practitioner clinic the year I graduated as a physiotherapist.  Over the years I developed my clinical expertise and business knowledge, and I had a good understanding of business before opening my physio group clinic.

When I took the leap and launched my first clinic in 2018, it became fully booked, and hit 6-figures within 4 months.

In the last 5 years, my clinics had a rapid growth, and we thrived through Covid.  It was not all glamorous, we had our peaks and troughs, but it supported me through two maternity leaves, a few overseas trips, and allowed me to create other businesses along the way.  We are currently hitting 7 figures yearly with a healthy profit margin.  

My business has shifted effortlessly to meet my personal priorities as I venture into motherhood and beyond.  My strategies allow me to multiply my clinics at ease, and to stay in my zone of genius - to mentor other clinicians and leaders. 

Whether you’re ready to finally launch your health clinic, or you’re ready to scale and amplify your impact, I’m here to help you create the fulfilment, financial freedom & flexibility you deserve. 

I'm here to help!

How it Works

Complete the application form to book a discovery call with Winnie to discuss your current business model and the level of strategic support you’d love to receive.

Onboarding week consists of your Vision Discovery session. We will decide which DFY inclusions are most appropriate for your business phase.

Weekly coaching + execution side by side. High touch points to ensure we are hitting goals and transforming your clinic.

I’ve done business coaching before. How is your Partnership program different? 

Fantastic! Love that you're actively seeking help. I'm all about fast tracking your growth. I want you to transform your clinic in the shortest time possible, so you are at a different level in a few months time. It takes strategy, planning, coaching, but also high-level execution. This is where my Partnership program is different. It's extremely high-touch with an emphasis on implementation & done-for-you services. 

How much time do I need to put in per week to see results?

Ultimately, the more time you put in, the more you get out.  My ideal clients are ones  who can commit 15 hours a week to work on the business.  If you think you cannot spare 15 hours a week, I suggest for you to have a 30 mins chat with me, and I can  give you a different perspective on time scarcity. It is simply a decision. 

I already have some systems in place. Is your Program still right for me? 

Yes! Definitely yes. Truth is, you wouldn’t be looking at this right now if you’re satisfied with how your business is growing, right? What got you here won’t get you there, so no matter you’re starting from scratch, or going back to master what you’ve put in place, it’s a process we should honour. 

This sounds like a good fit, but Is it expensive to work with you? 

Let's reframe the question. It's expensive NOT to work with me. I’ve been where you’re at. I understand your frustrations, the bottlenecks, and the help you need. My premium Done-For-You program is designed so we can fast track your growth. Instead of going through a 12 month coaching program and implementing 10 things, we can do that in 4 months because of the way we will work together.  For me as a clinic owner with 2 young kids, it's a no brainer. 
How much is your time’s worth? 

Questions & Answers

Email and ask me anything 

Build a Practice That Works For You.

lets do it

Book a free call so we can explore whether we're a good fit to work together. You can ask your questions, and I'll recommend which program best suits. I look forward to chatting with you!

* Own your brilliance * Step into Leadership * Creative Scaling * Person Excellence * OWN YOUR BRILLIANCE * STEP INTO LEADERSHIP * CREATIVE SCALING * EMBRACE WOMANHOOD * 

* Own your brilliance * Step into Leadership * Creative Scaling * Embrace Womanhood *