Come with ideas. 

Strategy Intensives are the instant solution for fixing specific problems that are keeping you stuck in the messy middle of running your clinic 

Leave with a Plan. 

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Perhaps you’re launching a new clinic or expanding and fear your current clinic issues will get magnified in this new shift. 

Or you want to create an online course, but want to make sure your efforts are worth it with a program title, topic, and launch strategy that’s set up to sell with ease.

Maybe you’re struggling with your team and culture in the clinic, wondering what the heck is going wrong and why your objectives, expectations, and goals aren’t being met.

Or perhaps your revenue is sky-high, but when you look at your profit margins, you’re thinking, ‘where is this money going???’ 

No matter how well your clinic does on paper, you can’t seem to shake that misaligned, unclear feeling that something is “off”  

You’ve been at this clinic-owning thing for a bit now, but you’re ready to expand in a planned and strategic way that maximizes your impact, profit, and time. 

Because The Clinic Of Your Dreams Definitely Doesn’t Include Stacking On 100 Hats And Never Taking A Vacation. 

Strategy Intensives are the instant fix when you need a clear strategy for what you need to do now to get to where you want to be. 

Because when you unstick yourself from the clinic problems that keep coming up and slowing your growth, you’re then able to step into the bigger moves and time freedom that give you giddy goosebumps just thinking about them. 

Build momentum to propel your clinic into a new era 

 Momentum, please! 

What’s Included in a Strategy Intensive 

You. Me. A deep look at your clinic. On this call, we’ll focus on one problem or aspect of your business that you want to optimize and create an actionable strategy that you can implement with your team. 

Everything we talked about, wrapped up in a finalized plan that’s easy for you to digest and take action on. Consider it the roadmap for your clinic’s next big thing. 

To tackle those follow-ups that come up after we create your strategy. You’ll feel so supported to execute and make changes, as I’m always an email away. 

Not your average consulting call

As a busy health clinic owner, you need answers– STAT.

By going deep into your clinic before the call and during the call, I am able to get a unique snapshot of what’s going on and how we can get you over hurdles. 

It’s not about advice here. It’s about customized strategy that shows you a proven roadmap for how you can get to where you want to go. 

hi , I'm 

Winnie wu

Health Clinic Business strategist

As a dance and pelvic health physiotherapist and Pilates + Barre instructor– I’ve been in the wellness world since I was 16. 

I opened up my solo practice the year I graduated, developed clinical expertise, then took the leap into a group practice in 2018. Fast forward 4 months, I was fully booked, making 6-figures. That 4 month timeframe on this accelerator was definitely not an accident ;). 

In the past 5 years, we’ve unglamourously thrived through Covid, experiencing rapid growth. Hitting 7-figures yearly with healthy profit margins, I’ve also had 2 babies, created other businesses, and got a healthy dose of overseas traveling in. 

By using strategies to multiply what my clinic is able to do, I’m able to be a person outside of work while still hitting the career goals I’ve always dreamed of. 

And now, I can’t wait for you to launch into this next phase of growth for your health clinic. One where you can stay in your zone of genius, free yourself from the 16+ hour workdays, get rid of the mental load of being everything to everyone, and create a profitable + financial, patient-centered business. 

Delighted to meet you!

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Quick strategies. Lasting effects. 
Create the clinic you used to think was only possible for other health clinic CEOs.

It's My Turn

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1 session to solve whatever is currently on your mind. 

Ideal for
  • Remodel your business
  • Systemising your workflow so you're not wearing all of the hats
  • Boost your profit % by design
  • Designing an online program/ CPD workshop
  • Creating marketing strategy

The Fix 

The Transformation 

The Expansion 

3 sessions to take you out of the messy middle and into a clinic that you love running. 

Ideal for
  • Opening a clinic for launch strategy
  • Creating service ecosystem
  • Improving Practitioners' PVA and Utilization
  • Outreach and partnerships
  • Surpercharge your Practice Manager

6 sessions to expand into this new phase of business you’ve always wanted to be the CEO of.

Ideal for
  • Developing the CEO version of you 
  • Turning your clinic into a hybrid clinic model making 20k/month
  • Turning your team into high performers over 6 months mentorship

Investment $699/ Session

Investment $650/ Session

Investment $600/ Session

Build a Clinic That Works For You.  Not the other way round.

lets do it

* Own your brilliance * Step into Leadership * Creative Scaling * Person Excellence * OWN YOUR BRILLIANCE * STEP INTO LEADERSHIP * CREATIVE SCALING * EMBRACE WOMANHOOD * 

* Own your brilliance * Step into Leadership * Creative Scaling * Embrace Womanhood *