Health Business Growth for Women Clinic Owners

Have you ever wondered about the growth potential of your health business clinic? What does success look like to you? How can your business not only support your professional goals but also align with your personal aspirations? Scaling your clinic requires careful consideration and a creative approach that goes beyond cookie-cutter strategies. In this blog post, we’ll explore the concept of creative scaling and share a personal journey of clinic growth, highlighting the importance of thinking big and embracing creativity in the health business industry.

Embracing Creative Scaling

Creative Scaling is a core value that can transform the trajectory of your clinic. As a clinic owner and a mother of two, I’ve personally experienced the impact of aligning my business with my family’s values and my available resources. Throughout the growth of my clinics, I constantly questioned various scaling possibilities:

  • Should I focus on a single clinic or explore online avenues?
  • Is downsizing a viable option, or should I consider expanding by opening multiple clinics?
  • Have you ever contemplated becoming a franchisee or even franchising your own business?
  • Perhaps bringing on a business partner or exploring the possibility of selling has crossed your mind.

These questions are common among health business owners. Reflecting on them allows you to explore different avenues and determine the best path for your clinic’s growth.

A Personal Story

Let me share my personal journey as a physio clinic owner. In 2018, after six years of running a sole practitioner clinic in a shared space, I made the bold decision to lease a 100 sqm commercial space and establish a physio group practice. I hired my first admin in the fourth month and brought in my first practitioner in the fifth month. By the 18th month, when I was 32 weeks pregnant, we achieved mid-six figures and expanded by signing an additional lease to double our space to 200 sqm.

However, the unexpected arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted our plans. I encountered costly hiring mistakes, invested in unnecessary areas, and faced numerous challenges. In the midst of this turmoil, with a newborn and limited support, I considered selling my business. This period marked a turning point that led to radical changes and renewed determination.

Charting a New Course

Fast forward two years, and my clinic has experienced significant growth. We now have a team of nine and have surpassed seven figures in revenue. Our approach to scaling has shifted to ensure our success is not solely reliant on employee headcount. I’ve outgrown traditional healthcare business coaching and sought guidance from coaches outside the industry to play a different game. Avoiding the prolonged “messy middle” phase of business ownership has become a priority, as I strive for a balanced life beyond being consumed by work.

Winnie Wu crossing arms standing

Achieving Flexibility and Personal Growth

As a mother of two young children, residing in different countries due to family connections, I’ve learned to trust my team and delegate responsibilities. I now enjoy a balanced schedule that includes treating patients for six hours a week, mentoring my team on Mondays, dedicating two days solely to being a mother, pursuing a master’s degree, launching a new clinic, and leading The Clinic Project—a platform for personal growth and business development. These choices have allowed me to establish clear boundaries, leverage my efforts, and experience growth on multiple levels.

Embrace Creativity in Business

The journey of scaling your health business clinic goes beyond conventional thinking. Embrace your creativity and challenge your own perceptions. Engage in conversations, seek new perspectives, and be open to opportunities that may have eluded you before. Your business is an extension of yourself, representing your values and aspirations. Let your creativity run wild as you explore new possibilities and uncover unique pathways for growth.

Connect and Collaborate

If you resonate with this journey and would like to connect or explore further, I invite you to visit and schedule a call. Together, let’s unlock the potential of your health business clinic and embrace the power of creativity to achieve remarkable growth and personal fulfillment.


As women in business, it’s crucial to think big, challenge the status quo, and harness our creativity. Your health business clinic has the potential to be a true reflection of who you are and what you stand for. By embracing creativity and engaging in open conversations, you can uncover opportunities that propel your clinic to new heights. Trust your instincts, seek guidance from diverse sources, and let your imagination guide you towards a successful and fulfilling future.

May 14, 2023


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* Own your brilliance * Step into Leadership * Creative Scaling * Embrace Womanhood *