Health Business Success: Why Indecision is Killing Your Clinic

Indecision kills health businesses. ⚪

As a clinic owner, understanding what your patients need, what your market is telling you, and what you need for growth is crucial. You probably know all the strategies. Most business concepts relate to numbers and relationships.

There are many coaches to follow. Additionally, there’s a lot of free content out there. Facebook groups offer opportunities for collaboration and idea exchange. I’m in them myself. There’s an abundance of knowledge on ‘how to run a clinic business’.

Why Isn’t Every Clinic Business Successful?

If there’s so much information available, why isn’t every clinic business a successful, lean lifestyle business? Why isn’t everyone working 5-10 hours a week and enjoying a stable income? Moreover, why are success stories rare? And why is there a hush-hush culture around making lots of money as healthcare clinic owners?

Key Factors Hindering Clinic Business Success

I see a pattern. There’s a certain cohort of clinic owners that won’t make it. The main differentiators are:

  1. Indecisiveness 🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. Low Risk Profile
  3. Untrusting Nature

It’s part mindset, part lack of experience, but it’s a perpetuating cycle. Knowledge is noise without execution, and there’s a lot of noise out there. Good things come to those who can make decisions and take imperfect actions.

The Importance of Decision-Making in Health Business

Successful health business owners make decisions. They execute. They read data and pivot if needed. These owners are dynamic and fast. Do they make mistakes? Yes, but their swiftness means they are always moving and gathering experiences. They are always learning, building their intuition, and making better decisions as a result.

They learn twice as much as someone who sits there and Googles everything, asks around, and can’t decide what to work on. Successful clinic owners find people to model. These are people who have done it before, people who are still in the game. They understand the challenges and can see things clearer than those who are just starting.

Investing in Experience and Insights for Your Clinic Business

Knowledge is not worth buying into, but experiences and insights are worthy of an investment. The harsh truth? Those who break out rarely stay behind to help those who are stuck. They transcend and look for other networks. Growing is uncomfortable; there’s uncertainty, and there’s fear. You need a support network that believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself, to push through.

Take Action and Thrive in Your Health Business

If you want to grow, make your decision and take a leap. It’s not risk-free, but with the right guidance, you risk less. There’s no better time to take action. Are you waiting for six months of free time before taking action? That luxury might never come.

Make a decision, find the right person to model, and surround yourself with people who have similar goals and drive.

Let’s build your dream clinic ✨

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May 28, 2024


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* Own your brilliance * Step into Leadership * Creative Scaling * Embrace Womanhood *